Design Technologist at Juvo

Primary designer on interaction design (IxD) audit for the Juvo Catalog app. Contributed IxD findings to the Juvo Design System.

The Juvo Catalog app — Juvo’s central source of truth for interactions

Juvo is a fintech startup helping 250M+ unbanked people in developing countries access credit.

Juvo offers many mobile apps, customized per country and user segment.

To prevent fragmented user experience and duplicated effort, the company needs a central source of truth: the Juvo Catalog app. It’s a design system for engineers — an internal app that includes the design and code for all potential interactions.

Though Juvo’s design team is strong, no one had focused on IxD. I was tasked with implementing IxD best practices into key moments and updating Juvo’s design system.

To identify key opportunity areas, I studied app store reviews and evaluated user interviews. Juvo’s users are in 20+ countries, often with lower-end smartphones and spotty internet connection, very different from my past design experiences.

I built two key moments: context-aware cell behavior and purchase confirmation, then created new sections in the Juvo Design System.

Here is my work on context-aware cell behavior:

Users mentioned that screens in the app “appeared out of nowhere.” I knew this meant to rework location consistency and hierarchy. I made sure modals behaved differently depending on where they were initiated, making the interaction feel much more natural.

Next, here’s checkout confirmation with a really simple confirmation animation:

We know from user interviews and industry best practices that using financial apps can be “cold” and daunting. Juvo’s design team was looking to insert appropriate doses of delight — without hogging bandwidth for our users with poor connection. Here’s a moment of joy that keeps the animation light. The animation is delivered via Lottie.

Finally, I combined my knowledge of IxD best practices and my work building these moments to update the Juvo Design System. I created 3 new sections: animations, transitions, and feedback indicators.

The two moments I built were shipped to the Juvo Catalog app in Aug 2019. My updates to the Juvo Design System were also published externally in Aug 2019.

Product Design | Duke University

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